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Personal Creation of Twiss Affiliated Items

If you are going to create, design or personally order any paraphernalia that includes Twiss Realty logos, text, image, etc. you must get your design approved by Twiss Realty's marketing team. You may not use Twiss Realty's design tools, such as the circuit, vinyl, printer, heat press, etc. for personal use.

New Advisors and Administration

Any new employee of Twiss Realty will receive a Twiss Realty Swag Bag. This Bag includes a Twiss Realty tote, mug or cup of the season, two t-shirts, sticker, and one Twiss hat. All complementary of Twiss Realty.


If you are an Admin with Twiss Realty, you will receive one new t-shirt per quarter. Office admin must ensure that there is one color of each size displayed in the office and may not take any of the display item for themselves. All other merchandise will need to be purchased through the Twiss Realty marketing website. 

Return Policy

All items are FINAL SALE. There are no returns or refunds

Payment Methods

  • Credit / Debit Cards

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